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Such a great scent. All of your scents I’ve purchased have been exactly as described. Your ingredients are simple, clean, and awesome! You’ve earned a new customer: will be buying much more in the near future.

It's a good one


Very unique.

Id buy again very nice RB smell.

great product

To be honest, I was expecting a fairly low quality T shirt. I kind of bought it ( I bought a couple) as a joke.... I mean, who walks around in a T shirt advertising a soap company....ive never seen one.... Never.

Well, i couldnt be more wrong. This, these T shirts are better than any I have come across. They are high quality, durable, sized right and they look great. After the first wash, it doesnt seem like the shrunk at all.... they are thick and soft.

Bottom line, im buying more.... for myself and as gifts.

Freaking great product.

New Favorite

This is everything I look for in a deodorant and love the smell. Made in USA, too! Perfect. No shirt stains!

Pricey but Effective

Helps eliminate purchasing an entire bar of a soap scent you may not like. Definitely not enough soap to use in the shower. Maybe to use it on your hands and lather/get an idea of the smell. If you plan on a long-term relationship with an American Made product/company, Dapper Yankee, this isn't a bad way to get to know their offerings and make an informed selection when ordering.


Great smell

New Castle
Jiran Toboru
A true chick magnet

As someone with a hypersensitive sense of smell, few things are more important to create potential attraction from a distance or close up than a spellbinding scent that a woman wants get more of.

This scent projects a mature masculinity without being overly aggressive. If I could compare the scent's profile... it's like being a guy who just got done getting a massage then getting all dressed up for a night in town in an awesome, brand new leather jacket. Sublimely balanced, seductively nuanced, and intriguingly captivating... it's a scent that will likely make a single woman look at you and want to get to know you better. If you are in a relationship, and you use this... your partner will not let you go and will probably want you all night long.

Gin and Juice

Real nice fruity grape smell, love the on skin feel, and the soap quality is superb.

Fresh Coast
Vincent Goodwin

Fresh Coast


This stuff is amazing!! Works great lasts all day.
You may even catch yourself smelling your pits. 😂

My new favorite

Best deodorant on the market right here!! Scent lasts all day, plus some…

Glacier Ridge Deodorant

Brian Hawkins

This scent is complex and amazing. The grit is just enough to make you feel extra clean. This is one highly recommended bar of soap.

Wild Irish
Deanna Dempsey
Wild Irish

It smells pretty good but it's not a very strong scent nor does the scent stay with you the customer service at this store is amazing however so helpful and knowledgeable I had an overall great experience w dapper Yankee and would recommend to a friend.

Best t shirt ever

They don't cut corners....high quality shirt. Great fit...true to description.... I will buy more. Great quality.

Gin and Juice
Jiran Toboru
An excellent scent for a Sigma male

This is a sophisticated scent for the man who is a lone wolf but fiercely loyal to his family and special someone

Real nice

Great smell if you love root beer, feels great on skin and great quality soap.

Rodeo Man
Vincent Goodwin

Great 👍


DP Delivers! Finally we're GameDay head to Toe! Love this scent!

Arctic blueberry conditioner bar

The scent is amazing very easy to apply to hair and leaves hair soft and smooth

Jiran Toboru
A Jetsetter's Secret Weapon

Whether traveling through an airport or making flights, few things give a man sense of confidence than having a scent that grabs attention for the right reasons. Wearing this will likely make single ladies turn their heads and say, "Who is THAT guy? He smells amazing and I wish I had more time to talk to him." Having a scent that gives you confidence and creates a sense of intrigue is an awesome feeling. It makes you stand out as a man who has his act together, and is going places with purpose. If a single woman happens to be sitting next to you on a flight, she will likely be intrigued by this soap's scent profile. The color of the bar is one of my favorites. It looks like a combination of Sugilite(dark purple swirls) and Richterite(Blue swirls), both of them can grow together in the wild.

William cofield

This my absolute favorite soap and deodorant combo. The patchouli, the sweet tobacco, and the vanilla are all on display in a subtle tone. Love it!

Macho Mojito
Macho mojito %26 sample pack

Macho mojito is minty%26 fresh%26 extra creamy%26 nourishing to my makes the whole bathroom smell great.the scent doesn’t last on skin very long but I feel also having fun working my way through the sample pack to find my scent%21all of the scents smell better than expected.its hard for me to choose just one or even a few so the sample pack came in handy.only down side is washing with a sliver of soap is really annoying%2CI made each sliver so far last two washes%2Cbut that’s the point of the sample pack%21 It’s really a cool selling point Dr. Squatch could learn a thing or two from DAPPER YANKEE 5 stars%2C absolutely%21