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Wicked Pumpkin Soap Bars

Really liked the Wicked Pumpkin bars highly recommend, and appreciated the quick response and delivery !

This one is a favorite

Smells great, great lather and it lasted longer than usual, almost 2 weeks. Definitely getting this one again.

Engine 9
It’s a decent bar

It has a great fragrance and makes a great lather but it is very “runny”. The moment it got wet it started to run and it did not last long even though I took it out of the shower after every use.

Very fragrant

It makes a great lather but there is something about the fragrance that was very cinnamon, at least that is what I was smelling.

“No Poo” Dream

Within the past several months, I decided to do something I had only ever heard about and never though I’d be able to, go without using shampoo.
Once I realized I would need something to clean my scalp every now and then, I didn’t want to turn to your average shampoo that I was raised using for decades. Dapper Yankee came up in a quick search for shampoo bars and noticed the scent which sounded perfect for me.
It’s been working great too! Now I can go ‘Poo free but have something better to use for my skin and hair when I need the clean.

Traveler Deodorant
Giovanni Marelli
Just plain out awesome

Traveler is my favorite. For bar soap- Just a unique scent that leaves my skin feeling good. Good lather and last a little bit.
For deodorant- smells good and doesn’t stain clothes.

Traveler Deodorant
Trevis Wright ii

Traveler Deodorant

Smells great

Feels really great on my skin and smells incredible.

Engine 9 Deodorant
William Poole

An excellent Deodorant

Very Clean Scent

The Blue Tropics is a very refreshing scent. It has a great lather and leaves your skin feeling clean


Just learning more and more about the small batch natural soaps and Dapper Yankee Root Beer Barrel is a must. Their whole lineup is fantastic!!

It’s The Great Pumpkin

An absolutely amazing bar. The smell is fantastic, not overpowering, just right. My wife absolutely fell in love with this bar and now uses it daily. So yea. It’s perfect.

Tea Tree Mint
Christopher Landry
Best facial soap for men or women

Use this soap day and night for my face works wonders

Great soap

Leaves your skin soft and actually works

Fresh Coast
Christopher Landry
Best natural soap

Best natural soap that actually cleans you well and leaves a good scent

Best Smelling Pine Scent

The Sierra Pine Shampoo is one of the best pine scents on the market and it has a great lather to go along with it

Amazing Smell

The Cedar Mint Shampoo has an amazing smell and great lather

Root Beer Barrel

Great lather and smells amazing

Smooth conditioner

Makes your hair softer. I have coarse dry hair at times and the conditioner softens it.

Lathers Great!

Tea Tree Mint lathers great and my hair feels so clean!

Deodorant and Soap Set
Chandler Ricker
Long-Lasting and Great-Smelling

As someone who works in a very stressful environment and sweats constantly, I have to say that this deodorant is great! I work 12 hour shifts sometimes and every time I’ve applied the deodorant, it lasts the whole time.

Root Beer Barrel
Seth Yerges
Root beer barrel soap

This soap smells just like the candy and lathers great

Traveler Deodorant
Darrin Mindak

Would have liked it to be a little strong scent!

Glacier Ridge Deopdorant

This scent & product is a win win scenario for me. First it happens to be my wife's favorite scent from the bar soap of the same name. Then the other win is that the deodorant is not overly powdery like most white deodorants on the market. Men if you like a scent that will make you smell fresh then this is the scent for you.


Due to a allergy of aluminum products this I best out there.