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Blue Tropics
James MacKinnon
Blue Tropics

Another bar from my very first order. Like the others the scent is very pleasant. I’ll purchase this one again.

Arctic Blueberry
James MacKinnon
Arctic Blueberry

Very nice refreshing scent. The bar lathers nicely. I will order this scent again.

Glacier Ridge
James MacKinnon
Glacier Ridge Rocks!

One of the four bars I purchased with my first order. The bar lathers nicely and the scent is very nice. The name is appropriate!

Whistle blower!!

Has to be the best deodorant I have even used!!

Fresh Coast
john sanford

Great scent

New Castle
Lucas Uncapher

I only give new castle 3 stars because although it's one of the best smelling scents I've had for soap, it's been drying out and irritating my skin. Which sucks because I still have 4 more bars of soap, but may not be able to use them.

The deodorant is fantastic though, solid 5/5 for that.


I’ve never seen as fast shipping as I have from the Dap. All soaps smell fantastic and I highly recommend if you’d like to sample some of the best scents out there.

Fond Memories

Root Beer Barrel soap and deodorant, bringd back so many childhood memories. Going to the Country Store with my granddad and getting a paper bag full of Root Beer Barrel candies. The scent of these two are dead on. The great of memories.

Outstanding quality and fit


Sierra Pine Liquid Soap
Layne A. Johnson
Smells amazing

So, I actually ended up showering with this lol. This is amazing. The scent puts any other pine tar on the market to shame. Cannot wait for the bar to come out

Best garsh darn hand soap available

Amazing scent and ever so gentle

Outstanding preview of products

This gives you the perfect idea on full size bars you want to buy. They are small samples, but plenty big for a shower or 2 to really test things out. Absolutely outstanding value


Love the scent. Found my new hand soap!

Michael Romo
Fireside soap

I personally don't like it, it smells and feels amazing. Just not my style. I've tried 6 other soaps all amazing, this one scent wise isint for me...

Loved the products

Winterland - Limited Edition
David Wilson
Happily pleased

Love the Winterland , the GameDay is awesome as well , very fast shipping , looking forward to future purchases

Arctic Blueberry

Very cool, sweet and refreshing with adequate grit.

Traveler Deodorant

The best thing about the deodorant is that it lasts all day. I have used quite a few other brands and by 3:00 they just don't hold up. This one does. I still sweat, but not quite as much. The only really thing that I didn't like was after about a week, the stick had some rough bits in it that made it very difficult to spread. The smell is decent. Something different but good. I will buy from Dapper Yankee again.


Beard Comb
Vaughn Flip Kasdorf
Great beard addition

I never knew a comb made a difference! Bow I feel a difference and won't ever use a plastic comb.

Bourbon Legend Beard Oil
Vaughn Flip Kasdorf
Good scent...

But not the best. Rodeo Man is the best pick for me. I wish DY kept beard products on the lineup.

Fresh Coast
Nice scent but too much grit

I like the scent but the grit is too much for me. I also wish the soap bar color would be done differently so that the blue dye isn’t so evident. Regardless of the dye I would get this bar more frequently if the grit was gone.

Arctic chill!

It’s Good! Clean and simple.

The Newcastle is awesome, engine #9 is too, great smell & feel on both, love the grit on engine 9. Haven't got to campfire yet but smells great...

Traveler deodorant

Amazing scent lasts all day would definitely recommend giving it a try