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Citrus Blonde IPA
Handsome Todd
Citrus Blonde IPA Soap Review

I tried the Citrus Blonde IPA today...and I should start by saying that I'm not a big IPA drinker... with all DY Soaps, this is a quality product, with a medium to heavy grit, brought to you by Oatmeal, Hops, and sensitive skinned folks might want to use it every two to three days.

The scent is subtle, so don't be concerned about your boss calling you into their office over a concern that you smell like a brewery.

Give it a try...with, or without, your morning shower beer!

New Castle
Gregory Orth
Storm the Castle

Get ready to storm the castle with this soap! It smells very good and the soap lasts a good while and won't fall apart in the shower. This soap will make you the lord of your castle...your lady will love it.

New Castle
David Young
New castle

I do enjoy this scent but when it comes to Dapper Yankee I'm not surprised.

Glad I found this soap

I love it

Sample Pack Review

I HIGHLY recommend getting the sample pack with your first it gives you a great way to figure out your favorites.

Each sample will cover you for 2 to 3 showers too.

My Review

Great aroma and long lasting.

Fresh Coast
Adam Heaston
Fresh Coast

Great scent, not overpowering. Fresh, crisp, clean scent that smells like fresh air. Good lather, scent lasts awhile after use. Will definitely purchase again.

Arctic Blueberry
Handsome Todd
Artic Blueberry...I loved it!

Broke out the Artic Blueberry this morning and I loved both the smell and the amount of grit!

The smell, as the name suggests, is a slightly fruity, and fresh smell...that was perfect without being overpowering.

As an exfoliating soap, I'd call it a medium to light grit, so folks with sensitive skin could probably use it more frequently than the heavier gritted Grounded.

This will probably be one of my favorites as I explore the DY line, but we'll there's plenty more of them!

Whiskey Rebel
Kenneth Nixon
Amazing scent

Whiskey Rebel is my new favorite bricc! Very aromatic and I feel amazingly clean afterwards

New Castle Deodorant
Kenneth Nixon
Reminds me of my grandfathers pipe

What a great smooth scent that stays all day long! Fights odor and perspiration perfectly!

Game Day
Spencer L
Average Soap

It's not bad, it's not great. Similar to its deodorant variation, this scent is very light. It lathers up okay. I'm going to stick with Sierra Pine and New Castle instead of Game Day.

Average deodorant

It's alright when first applied, but 12 hours later, it seems like it has dissipated. The scent is light, yet clean. Out of all of the Dapper Yankee deodorants I've tried, this is my least favorite. It's not bad, just not great. Also this might just be me, but after 12 hours of being applied, my pits have the slightest itchiness sensation. This is the first Dapper Yankee deodorant that I've experienced it with. All in all, it's average. I'm going to stick with the Sierra Pine and New Castle instead.

A Great Surprise

Wasn’t sure what to expect with Wild Irish but it didn’t disappoint! I hipe you bring it back.

Whiskey Rebel
James Howard
Excellent Bar

Very refreshing to get out the shower without the usual dry skin feeling. Fragrance stays with you most of the day and not overpowering.

Glacier Ridge

I got this in the pack with the 2 soaps. The smell is great but being natural it does tend to be a little rough on the pits. Be gentle when applying and be amazed at how you smell!

Game Day
Tim Reuwer
Game Day brings it

I was skeptical of this because I didnt realize it was an Ohio branded bar but I decided to try it anyway. I'm glad I did because the smell is really good! The smells are not subtle and they are amazing!

Handsome Todd
Fireside Soap Review

I tried my new Dapper Yankee Fireside Soap today, and while I know the quality is there, I'm not sure if the smokey fragrance is for me.

It definitely smells like you're fireside, which I like being, in real life.

If you'd enjoy that fragrance, then this soap's for you!

Dapper yankee has the best natural deodorants. The scent on this one could be a little stronger, but it lasts all day.

Best way to shampoo

This shampoo bar is fantastic. Great lather, doesn’t dry out your scalp, and smells exactly like root beer.

Whiskey Rebel
Michael Lehnert
Whiskey Rebel

This bar is great. It’s fresh and smooth. Scent is nice after shower also.

Arctic Blueberry
Michael Lehnert
Artic Blueberry

Great bar. The soap is very sweet smelling and leaves a fresh feel after toweling. Only issue is keeping my kids from using it. They LOVE IT.

Wild Irish soap

Great soap. Smells fresh and clean lasts after toweling. Ohh and for those that care you literally won’t find a better looking bar. Guaranteed

Glacier Ridge
Ryan Washburn
Amazing soap

Had this soap for over a week and I loved it, made me and the whole bathroom smell great and the exfoliation layer of the soap did as hoped, will buy again!

Wild Irish

Absolutely amazing!! The scent and the way my skin felt after using this bar…perfect!

Good deodorant

A very clean smelling deodorant. The aroma isn't exactly as strong as the soap, but its still good. It will pair well with colognes.