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Why Use a Soap Saver with Natural Soaps?

Soap is a great way to clean yourself, but it's not the most long-lasting product. If you use natural soaps, they can last even less time because of the ingredients that are used to make them.

That's why soap savers are so handy! Soap trays and soap savers (one in the same) both keep your soap dry but also help preserve its shelf life. That way, you don't have to worry about buying new soap every week or so—you can keep using the same bar for as long as possible!

The Soap Tray is a Great Way to Keep Your Soap Dry

The soap tray is a great way to keep your soap dry. It's not just about saving money and being eco-friendly, though. A dry bar of natural soap lasts much longer than one that has been exposed to too much moisture. Keeping your bars dry also protects them from water damage and helps them last longer!

The Big Soap Saver is Designed for More Soaps

The big soap saver is designed for holding more than one soap, so it's perfect for those who want to change things up a bit and now use the same soap day after day. Use the Big Soap Saver anywhere you see fit or at least have the room for.  It works perfectly in both the shower and on the countertop.

You Need to Use a Soap Saver Because Natural Soaps Have a Shorter Shelf Life

Why use a soap saver? Natural soaps have a shorter shelf life than their chemical-laden counterparts. You can keep them longer by putting them in a soap saver, which helps keep your soap dry and reduces the risk of mold.

Soap savers are also great for any natural soap that you use every day or on a regular basis--like hand or body wash!


  • Soap savers are specifically designed for natural soaps.
  • They keep the soap dry and prevent it from getting moldy.
  • Soap savers are made of a wood that doesn't absorb moisture, which is perfect for protecting your Dapper Yankee natural soaps.


    If you want to use natural soaps, then it's important that you know how to allow them to dry out after each use.  The soap saver is a must have if you want to extend the life of your soap, and to keep it from melting into mush. We hope this article has given you some insight into why using a soap saver is a good idea!

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