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Dapper Yankee provides superior small batch natural soaps and personal care products for men looking for a healthier alternative.

Experience invigorating manly smelling soaps, deodorants, and hair care products that you won't find anywhere else!

A focus on quality and providing unsurpassed customer service, is at the forefront of Dapper Yankee's mission.

See for yourself why thousands have found Dapper Yankee to be the best Dr. Squatch Alternative.

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Gin and Juice - Dapper Yankee
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Whiskey Rebel Hand & Body Lotion Dapper Yankee


Experience Better is not just our slogan, but it's exactly what you can expect from Dapper Yankee.

  • Better Products - Healthy and effective small batch products proudly made in the USA with attention to detail and quality. Using natural ingredients to leave even the manliest skin feeling soft and nourished.

  • Better Scents - Invigorating and intoxicating scents designed for men but loved by all.

  • Better Customer Service - Dapper Yankee cares about their customers and you will never be treated like "just another sale". You can expect nothing less than a friendly and personable experience regardless if you are just looking for information or ready to join the Dapper Nation.

  • Better (faster) Shipping - Orders are processed quickly and shipped the next business day.

Our Customers are raving

This bar literally smells like vacation. Great lather as well. I was a Dr. Squatch user, saw an ad for DY on Facebook and decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did! Shipping was lightening fast and quality is way better than Dr. Squatch. The scent actually lasts! This won't be my last purchase for sure.

Allison S.

So far I have only used about six of the 15 sample soaps, but man I must say so far I am very impressed with u guys products all have great smells and feel very clean on my skin. Hate to say it but so far way better than Squatch!

Thomas L.

Dr. Squatch has good products. Dapper Yankee has AMAZING products. This soap smells exactly like the root beer candy. Brought me right back to being 7 years old enjoying root beer floats with dad. The bar lasts longer than any Squatch I've tried and shipped/arrived within days of ordering. Skin feels
great, not dry or tight after use. I will be buying more and recommending to everyone I meet.

Layne J.

Great scent. Feels great and lasts pretty long. Better than Dr. Squatch
in my opinion.

Galen M.

I love it better than Dr. squatch!!

Bryan P.

Awesome!! Squatch ain't got nothin on this!

James K.

I started out buying Dr. Squatch's Soaps, then was quickly soured on their lack of customer service, slow delivery, and tech issues...then I discovered Dapper Yankee!

They are the complete opposite... EXCELLENT customer service, product, fast delivery, and a great community...including the owner, who is very active
and responsive on social media.

All in all...a great company, with a great product... providing a great customer experience!

Todd H.

I purchased Dapper Yankee after searching “natural soaps” on Google and was skeptical at first but I gave them a try. I purchased 4 body bars a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar. The shampoo and conditioner WORK FREAKING WONDERS. I have extremely oily and curly hair and it keeps me feeling fresh healthy scalp and hair (has gotten thicker with the both tea tree bars) and it smells great. This is a long review but I hope you consider this company.

I am no longer buying from Dr. Squatch since they are ridiculously priced and Dapper (Yankee) is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY BETTER.

Stephen S.

I really like the fact that it's baking soda free. Great smell. The
deodorant works great as well. It's a lot better than the Squatch.

Jeffery T.

Many reviews state that the scent is overpowering or too intense - it
smelled EXACTLY like I expected it to and the soap itself left my skin feeling great. I was a Squatch guy until now - Dapper Yankee is my new go-to and Fireside is at the top of my list.

Mark S.