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Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Bar

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    Tame the Jungle on Your Head: The Axe for Your Dandruff - Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Bar

    Look, we all know the struggle. Itchy scalp, rogue flakes raining down like unwelcome confetti. This ain't your childhood bubble bath solution.

    Tea Tree Mint shampoo bar is the manly weapon of choice in the war against dandruff. Packed with a powerful punch of tea tree oil (nature's dandruff disposal unit) and a cooling blast of peppermint and menthol, it'll leave your scalp feeling like a freshly mowed lawn (without the grass clippings).

    Why this bar deserves a place in your shower caddy:

    • Dandruff Doom: Tea tree oil declares war on those pesky flakes, leaving your scalp soothed and irritation-free. You'll be shaking hands with confidence, not dandruff.

    • Icy Scalp Salvation: Peppermint and menthol join forces to deliver a refreshing tingle, like a mini vacation for your head (minus the overpriced airport snacks).

    • Deep Down Clean: This bar cuts through grease and grime, leaving your hair feeling clean and invigorated. Consider it a power nap for your hair.

    • Manly Scent: Forget the flowery frills. Tea Tree Mint boasts a clean, invigorating fragrance that says "fresh" not "fruit basket."

    Tea Tree Mint is your ticket to:

    • A scalp that feels like a freshly conquered mountain peak (minus the altitude sickness)
    • Hair that's clean, confident, and ready to take on the world
    • Saying goodbye to embarrassing dandruff snow
    • Feeling good about using a natural product that gets the job done

    So ditch the head-scratching frustration and grab a Tea Tree Mint shampoo bar. It's time to take back control of your mane.

    SCENT: Tea Tree and Peppermint

    • Chemical-Free and Paraben-Free
    • Handcrafted cold process shampoo bar made in small batches
    • Cruelty-free and vegan – Our shampoo bars are not tested on animals
    • Ultra-moisturizing and great for daily use on all hair types
    • Will clean your scalp and hair and keep it looking healthy 
    • Works great on bald heads and beards too
    • Does not contain pheromones or gimmicks, but using Dapper Yankee natural shampoo bars will increase your chances of attracting a mate, especially those who like real men.
    • Proudly made in the USA
    Size & Use
    • Approximately 4.7 to 5.0 ounces
    • Will last about 4-6 weeks if used just on your hair and scalp, provided you let it dry between uses. 

    Saponified Oils of Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Menthol Crystals, Essential Oil Blend of Peppermint and Tea Tree

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    tea tree mint shampoo bar dapper yankee
    Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Bar Dapper Yankee
    Tea Tree Mint Shampoo Bar Dapper Yankee

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Matt J. (Carnegie, US)
    One word "AWESOME"

    Definitely keep buying it again awesome poducts.....

    Riley H. (Saint Paul, US)
    This stuff is Magic but for your hair!

    This stuff is Magical for your hair!

    Terrance H.
    Tree mint shampoo bar

    I've only used it two days so far, but I honestly was thinking, I may never go back to bottled shampoo. Using all three of the tea tree mint bars, body bar, conditioner bar. Leaves me smelling great all day, and feeling great!!

    Handsome T. (Philadelphia, US)
    Tree Mint Shampoo Review!

    I love the scent of this soap, and it has notes of not only Root Beer but Wintergreen, which for me, are similar.

    It's a pretty good lather and soft on your skin.

    Now we just need a Vanilla Dapper Yankee Soap, so you could use the two together, to make a Root Beer Float smelling shower!


    Love it m