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New York Yankees vs. Dapper Yankee: Are They Related?

There is a lot of talk around if the New York Yankees are related to Dapper Yankee. There are even some customers who refuse to make a purchase from Dapper Yankee, because of the name.  But rest assured, there is no relation between the New York Yankees and Dapper Yankee.

Regarding the image, yes, we know the difference between a baseball and a football. We just wanted to reiterate that there is no such thing as Dapper Yankee baseball.

The New York Yankees

First, let's talk about the New York Yankees. The Yankees are a professional baseball team that plays in the American League and has won 27 world series championships--the most successful franchise in sports history, by far. They have been around since 1901, although their original name was "New York Highlanders" until 1913 when they changed it after moving from Manhattan's Upper West Side to the Bronx. 

Dapper Yankee

Dapper Yankee one of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer personal care brands, who specialize in natural products for men, namely soaps and deodorants. The company was founded in 2021 and is currently based in Newport News, Virginia. 

Dapper Yankee has several product lines that include soaps, deodorants, shampoo bars, beard oils, and coming soon, body lotion. However, they do not sell anything baseball related. 

What Does Yankee Mean?

Both the Yankees baseball team and Dapper Yankee may use the term Yankee in their name, but they’re worlds apart from one another. The word Yankee comes from an archaic term for Americans. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica (you know those dusty books sitting on your shelf since the third grade) the term Yankee is defined as a native or citizen of the United States.  It goes on to say that Yankee is often associated with characteristics of thrift, ingenuity, and conservatism.

The term Yankee is the most common slang term that refers to Americans.  And in some countries, it is considered a derogatory term when they find an American who exhibits poor behavior.  And if you’re a Southerner, you might also refer to anyone living in a northern state as a Yankee.


So, what's the connection between Dapper Yankee and the New York Yankees? Well, it turns out there isn't one!  The New York Yankees and Dapper Yankee are completely unrelated.  The New York Yankees are good at baseball, it’s kind of their thing, while Dapper Yankee is good at providing some of the best soaps and personal care products for guys.    

These two brands have no affiliation to each other at all--the only thing they have in common is their use of Yankee as part of their name!

Many customers will refer to Dapper Yankee as “Dapper” or “DY”, but it is never referred to as Yankee on its own.

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