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5 Tips on Getting Discovered as a Creative Professional

Post written by: Emma Grace Brown

Are you a creative professional looking for ways to get discovered? There are many avenues you can pursue to make sure your skills, talents, and work stand out in the crowd.

Create a Stellar Portfolio

Your portfolio is your greatest asset when it comes to getting noticed by potential clients.

A portfolio should showcase your best work and be updated regularly with new projects so potential customers have access to a variety of examples of your work. If possible, create a website or social media page dedicated specifically to your portfolio so people can easily find it online. It should also be easy for viewers to navigate and understand what they are looking at without having to read too much information or click around multiple pages.

Leverage Your Network

Networking is key when trying to get discovered as a creative professional.

Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and follow influencers who are connected in the creative field you’re interested in pursuing.

Connecting with the right people can open doors for collaborations and referrals that could lead to more business opportunities down the line. Florida National University points out that social media is also great for networking, particularly if there is someone specific you want to connect with about their own experiences in the field.

Choose a Business Structure

Choosing the right business structure can be one of the most important steps when forming a business. NerdWallet notes that your business structure will determine your liability, how taxes will be paid, and if other special rules apply.

If you are unsure or have any questions about which business structure is best for you, turn to online filing services to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filed with the proper state agency. With these services, you’ll save time and money while starting your new business quickly and efficiently.

Showcase Your Work with a Brand Promise

Find opportunities outside of traditional outlets like galleries or shows where creatives usually display their work. Leverage existing relationships by asking friends and family who might know someone looking for design services or who works somewhere where displaying art would be appropriate, like a cafe or restaurant in town. You can also contact local publications like newspapers and magazines to see if they accept submissions.

Having your work seen by more people increases visibility, which could potentially lead to more customers down the line.

As you showcase your work, you should also focus on making a brand promise. As a creative you should consider this option as you make a brand promise that identifies your unique style, values and vision.

The key is to communicate these elements to your audience through artwork and messaging. This includes creating a distinct visual identity and online presence, consistently showcasing high-quality work, and engaging with others in a way that reflects your brand values.

Create Studio Space at Home

Creating a studio space in your home is a great way to work on your craft. Invest in quality furniture and equipment, incorporate great lighting and curate inspiring décor to make the most of your workspace.

Be sure to have documentation of all the updates that were made, as designing a multifunctional studio can help secure a higher appraisal value.

Creative professionals have a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get discovered for their work. It takes focus, dedication, and hard work, but small changes such as building relationships, creating a personal brand, and networking can lead to big successes. With the right attitude and strategy, there is no limit to what you can achieve as a creative professional.

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