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    Dapper Yankee Soap Sample Pack

    Try 19 of our most popular soaps!

    If you aren't sure which soap bar to get and you don't want to commit to a full-size bar just yet, pick up the soap sample pack and try 19 of our most popular scents!

    Size: Each Sample size bar weighs about a half ounce and will last about 1-2 showers

    Please Note: Each sample size bar is hand-cut, and some bars may be smaller or larger than others. Additionally, some soap samples may have a different design or color of the full-size bars, but the scent and ingredients are the same.

    The soaps included in the sample pack are subject to change based on availability.

    The sample pack includes sample-sized soap bars of the following scents:

    - Arctic Blueberry
    - Blue Tropics
    - Bourbon Legend
    - Chillax
    - Engine 9
    - Fireside
    - Fresh Coast
    - Game Day
    - Glacier Ridge
    - Grounded
    - Humidor
    - Lawman
    - New Castle
    - Renegade
    - Rodeo Man
    - Root Beer Barrel
    - Sierra Pine
    - Traveler
    - Wild Irish

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 139 reviews
    Richard Gawron (Westfield, US)
    Very classy gesture

    This is a great way to try all the soaps before you commit to spending the money on a standard bar. I won’t review every scent because in depth reviews are available for most already. It suffices to say that I really liked most of the scents and grit levels. This was a really great opportunity to test the bars before you decide on a purchase. Thank you DY for making this available.

    Matt Schiavone (Roseland, US)

    Love this idea for anyone looking for new soaps. This took me about a month to go through and it really helps you discover the best scent for you.

    Here are the reviews of the scents I got:

    Bourbon Legend (the best)
    Fresh Coast —great scent & grit
    Humidor -oooh yeah dig this one
    Artic Blueberry — who knew smelling like blueberries would be so refreshing? (Wife likes it)
    Traveler — unique scent with decent grit
    Gameday — solid
    Tee Tree Mint (feels invigorating scent is so so)

    Lotta Colada (cant really smell it) — wife liked it
    Chillax — scent is OK
    Engine 9 — I can’t smell anything
    Rodeo Man — I can’t smell anything
    Sierra Pine — borders close to pine sol scent but it’s still solid

    Newcastle (smells bad)
    Blue Tropics (if there is a scent I can’t smell it)
    Fireside — as advertised doesn’t smell bad but not something I want to smell like
    Root Beer Barrel — not what I want to smell like
    Grounded — the grit is rough and scent isn’t me
    Glacier Ridge — no scent


    I’ve liked everything so far but haven’t tried all the flavors yet

    Brian W Conner (Columbus, US)
    Nice concept!

    I was able to pick out the ones that I wanted before buying. Haven't seen a soap Co. that does the yet!

    Westin Foster (Tulsa, US)
    Long time coming!

    I have been a Squatch person for about 3 years now. For about a year I have been wanting to try this soap sample pack and finally just pulled the trigger. Instant switch to Dapper! This sample pack is an amazing thing and the fact that there is only 4-5 scents that just weren't for me made this switch even easier for me. This is an amazing idea and trust me, if you try it you won't go back! Thank you all for doing this and you definitely have another customer for life!