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GROOMING FOR GAME DAY - Tips and Tricks to Getting Tailgate Ready

As we nestle into the nook of fall, we find ourselves cozying up to the fragrance of togetherness. 

The distinct aroma of seasoned leaves, a spiced crackle in the air.  The vinyl stitching of a leather-grip pigskin pressed against our fingertips. 

Autumn has a way of blitzing our senses and burrowing nostalgia into the glossy threads of our richly hued fan gear.  Sacked with excitement by life’s simplest pleasures; what’s more fall than football?  And banding with loved ones under a canopy of color, aroused with anticipation. 

Whether you’re basking in the glow of the stadium lights, or parking lot pre-gaming with pals, make sure you’re game day groomed with these pro-tips and tricks ~ straight from the coach’s playbook! 

Men's Skincare 

Keep Your Skin in the Game - Not in Your Guinness!

The transition of seasons can do a number on our skin.

From the arid indoor heat to the frigid outdoor air, it’s no surprise our casings can become chapped, cracked & chaffed! 

Stay in the neutral zone with some primping and prepping, to tackle your skincare regimen and get you game-time groomed and ready to go!

Key Fall Products to Consider

A Gentle Cleanser

Sack the allure of a blazing hot shower, as scalding water extracts natural oils, essential to our skin.  Instead, avoid that winter worry by cleansing with lukewarm water, twice daily – trust us your pores will thank you!

Try: Dapper Yankee’s Tea Tree Mint Soap Bar:  $7


Exfoliating too often can dehydrate your skin, but doing so once a week can accelerate cell turnover and give you that handsome, head-turning glow we all seek to find. 

 Try: Dapper Yankee’s Game Day Soap$8

Guys . . . Please Moisturize

Find a desirable face moisturizer and apply twice per day.  Depending on your preference, you might opt for a lighter moisturizer during the warmer months, and a thicker one during the colder.  Do this post shave if applicable.

Autumn is a good go-between time to experiment with various creams and determine what’s best for your skin.  

Beard Oil & Beard Balm

A lush and lustrous mane is always a good idea, even when it’s on your face.  Especially when it’s on your face.  Give your beard the zhoosh it needs by adding the bomb balm below to your daily routine.

 Try:  Dapper Yankee’s Bourbon Legend Beard Oil:  $18

Eye Cream,
You Cream, We all Cream for Eye Cream!

During the hustle and flow of the holiday season, we may find ourselves scrambling for sleep.  Invest in a good eye cream to alleviate puff and stay on the dark-circle defense.   

Sunscreen is a Year-Round Sport

It’s no secret that sunshine is responsible for melanoma and premature aging, so whether you see the sun or not, the rays are still present. 

Reach for an SPF of 30+, with broad-spectrum for an added barrier of protection.

Men's Haircare 

Hut, Hut, Hair!

Don’t kill the clock fumbling with flyways!  For a kickoff ready coif, reach for a freshly scented style balm post-cleansing and conditioning.  This will give your hair the hold it needs sans stickiness and goop. 


Dapper Yankee’s Shampoo and Conditioner Kit: $26


Men's Scent

Spritz & Blitz!

Now that we’ve covered the skincare spread, and honed in on our hair, just a quick spritz of our favorite scent is all we need to spare.  Less is more in the case of crowds, so please be mindful of others and cologne with caution.

End Zone!

Toss on your lucky tee and take these tips to the turf.  Your grooming goal is good, and, whether your team wins or loses – at least you’re on top of your game! 

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