How to Get a Close Shave Without Using Shaving Cream Dapper Yankee

How to Get a Close Shave Without Using Shaving Cream

There is an alternative to shaving without the shave cream and that’s using a shave oil, like Dapper Yankee’s Eucalyptus Tea Tree Shave Oil.

The fact of the matter is, there is a lot of prep work when shaving with a cream, especially if you enjoy using a shave soap, bowl, and brush.  And in general shaving cream is messy.

New Way to Shave

We’ve always been taught that we need to use shaving cream when we shave those 5 O’clock shadows and keeping that itchy hair off of our necks.

Our skincare regimens are based on what we learned from watching loved ones when we were growing up. Mainly our fathers and grandfathers.

Men stand over a sink with the water running and reflect on their lives. In-between each thought, and after every careful stroke, you rinse your razor. Unconscious habits do change over time when necessary.

But how often do we use products that change our skincare habits? Very seldom. If ever.

Add Shave Oil to Your Shaving Routine

Dapper Yankee’s Eucalyptus Tea Tree Shave Oil is compact and easy to carry, with no messy lather.

You can use the shave oil in a couple of different ways.  You can use it as a pre-shave oil if you don’t want to ditch the shave cream altogether, or you can use it on its own in place of shaving cream.

This Eucalyptus Tea Tree Shave Oil conditions and preps your skin and hair for a close, comfortable shave on your face, head, legs, and chest. Sculpt your mustache, beard, and sideburns with excellent precision. Each stroke of your razor is effortless and smooth.

Now is the time to commit yourself to shaving with maximum comfort and minimum effort. You’ve got to give Dapper Yankee’s Eucalyptus Tea Tree Shave Oil a try. You’ll soon realize there’s no faster or better way to shave and manage your skincare regime.

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