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What is Manscaping and is it Healthy?

Many guys have heard of manscaping, but they may not know what it exactly is, or they think that it is something that only athletes do.  Manscaping simply put is the trimming, shaving, or removal of hair from a man’s body.

Some definitions go on to say that it is for cosmetic effect, but truthfully there are three important reasons that a guy should manscape:  good hygiene, added confidence, and better sex!

Manscaping for Hygiene

The hair on a man’s body is a breeding ground for bacteria and actually causes the body to sweat more.  The less hair you have, the less sweat your body needs to produce, and less sweat also mean less smell.

As guys, we don’t like to think about this and ladies probably don’t like to think about it either, but the majority of guys pee standing up. And when they do, urine oftentimes splashes out of the toilet and on to their legs.  I know it’s gross and it really isn’t something we give much thought but think about it the next time you use the restroom in the middle of the night and then get back into bed. 

Also, after you give your two shakes and put your junk back in your underwear, do you really think that those two shakes were enough?  Maybe there were a couple of drops still left. Where do you think it goes when you put your Johnson back in your boxer briefs?  It festers in your shorts and in your hair!  The more hair you have “down there” the more places’ bacteria has to live. 

Manscaping for Confidence

When you are clean you feel great!  If you are not already manscaping think about this, how comfortable are you showing off your bush to a new partner?  Have you ever gone a day without showering and noticed that you smell a bit riper down there than you probably should, or maybe you just got used to the smell? 

Now imagine this, you no longer have a bush, but rather a well-manscaped lawn (not a desert), and when you miss a shower, your junk doesn’t have an odor.  You now have the confidence to drop your drawers and let the world know that you’re a 21st century man! 

Trimming the hedges around your family jewels is not the only area that you should pay attention to.  Some dudes have super hairy chests, backs, asses, arms, and legs.  I’m not saying that you should shave all of your hair off, but at least trim it.  If you have a hairy back or ass you may want to look into having it shaved or waxed. Honestly, I don’t know of anyone who is super into back or ass hair?

Manscaping for Better Sex

You might be wondering how your sex life could be better with less hair?  This partly goes back to the last two paragraphs, but the less hair you have around your junk when you are having sex leads to a better chance of your partner offering you or at least willing to give you oral sex. 

Additionally, by removing the hair barrier you could be adding up to another inch of your penis! Plus, it seriously feels so much better without a man bush.

Manscaping may not be entirely necessary, but it does have its benefits. So why not add it to your daily or at least weekly hygiene routine?

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