The Ultimate Guide to Mens Facial Hair Styles Dapper Yankee

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Facial Hair Styles

Men, when you hear “facial hair,” do you think only about your beard? I’ve got news for you: your facial hair is so much more than that. If you want to look clean-cut, put-together, and attractive, you need to be tending to all of the hair on and around your face.

That’s why this guide exists. Get ready to go beyond manscaping and get into some serious styling. (Your partner will thank us, too.)

Your Hair

Let’s start at the top, your hair. You may not put much thought into your man mane, but you should if you have the time.

First, take a look at your showering routine. Are you shampooing your hair every day? If your locks are not prone to collecting a ton of oil throughout the day, then maybe consider not shampooing every single day. 

Shampooing daily can actually strip away natural oils that your body produces to keep your hair healthy. Also, be on the lookout for shampoos with harsh and harmful chemicals. Chemicals, like Sodium Laureth Sulfate (common in many shampoos), can cause damage or even hair loss.  You'll want to pick up a bar of Dapper Yankee's natural shampoo that isn't loaded with harsh chemicals and is actually safe to use on your hair every day.

Second, don’t skip the conditioner. Shampoo cleans everything off your head, so you need to put some of the moisture back into it. Leave the conditioner on for as long as possible so it can really soak into your strands. Dapper Yankee has you covered here too, with our natural conditioner bar.

Keeping your hair clean and moisturized is only half the battle. This is where styles come in. If you’ve been cutting your own hair in the same shape since 2003, it’s time to visit a stylist.

A professional can look at your face shape and determine which hairstyle will suit you best. Whether it’s an undercut, a faux hawk, a crew cut, or a Jason Momoa top knot, trust the stylist’s recommendations. They have years of experience. Even if you maintain it at home on your own, go to the salon for that first appointment.

Your Eyebrows

I can’t tell you how many times an otherwise well-groomed man’s look is ruined by untamed eyebrows. Styling your eyebrows isn’t just for women! Get yourself a men’s eyebrow kit and get on board.

Your best bet is to, once again, rely on your stylist for the initial trim and shaping. It’s way too easy to remove too much of your eyebrow hair on your own and it often doesn’t grow back easily.

Avoid trading full brows for skinny lines that look drawn-on by letting a professional handle it.

Plus, your stylist will understand the perfect shape that best suits your facial structure. Where should your arch be? How sharp or curved should your eyebrows look? How far beyond your eye should they extend? Your stylist has the answers to all these questions. Then, all you have to do at home with your eyebrow kit is maintain the length with your scissors and tweeze the unruly outside hairs before they grow fully back in. Boom, eyebrow grooming handled.

Your Beard

Now we get to the good stuff—the place where you can really dial up your personal style: your beard.

A stylish beard begins with a solid grooming foundation. If you have a short beard, you can get away with your regular face wash. If you have a longer beard, opt for a wash specifically for hair.

Comb your beard both to encourage hair growth and to remove any dry skin. Lastly, keep it trimmed. Use scissors to snip stragglers and invest in a quality electric trimmer to keep the lines at your chin, neck, and ears crisp.

Don't forget the beard oil! You always want to keep the skin underneath your beard hydrated to protect you against itching and beardruff.

There are so many styles of beard you can choose from. Rock a classic or full goatee, an anchor, a handlebar and chin puff, or a goat patch. Keep it super short and buzz an intricate design into your cheeks. Or you can grow it long.

However, you style your beard, make sure to keep it clean and sharp. It’s the biggest part of your facial hair and will likely be the first thing people notice.

Wrapping It Up

From your hair to your eyebrows to your beard, keep a handle on your facial hair. When you style these areas well and maintain them often, you portray a sleek and put-together look regardless of your aesthetic.

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