Going Beyond Manscaping Dapper Yankee

Going Beyond Manscaping

Guys should know by now that manscaping (cleaning up unwanted and excess body hair) is a must for the modern man. It promotes good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

If you aren’t doing this yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Nobody appreciates hairy balls or out-of-control back hair.

If you’ve added manscaping to your weekly routine, you are doing it right! But there might be some areas of your body you’re missing. 

Ear Hair

You may easily overlook the importance of manscaping this one. This is a tough one to remember to do, because honestly how often do you take a look inside your ears?

Have you ever noticed the ears of an old man? Sometimes they have little shrubs growing out of them.

Those poor guys probably don’t even know that it’s there. But if they do, they probably never thought to get rid of it. Hell, it might even improve their hearing!

long ear hair

There are a few ways you can approach getting rid of those pesky little hairs.

  1. The easiest way is to use the little round attachment on your beard trimmer. Yep, that is used for cleaning up your ear and nose hair.
  2. Use wax strips. This might take some time, but you can wipe out all of those little hairs with just a few quick pulls.
  3. Have your stylist shave them down each time you go for a haircut. Now if your ear hair grows faster than the hair on your head, you might need to do some trimming on your own.
  4. Tweeze those little suckers. This is my preferred method since it’s the cleanest and quickest way. Plus, they don’t come back for at least a couple of days.

    Unfortunately, I have some crazy rapid growing ear hair. One time, when I went in for a haircut, my stylist shaved down my ear hair and not 10 minutes later, she was like, “what the hell?” Apparently, some of my ear hair grew back that quick. Ear hair growth is freaking bizarre.

Nose Hair

long nose hair

Everyone has nose hair.

It’s actually one area that you really don’t want to mess with too much. The hair in your nose is actually a good thing as it helps to stop dust and other microbes from entering your lungs.

All of that microscopic junk gets collected in the mucus in your nose and forms boogers to keep you from inhaling it.

However, you never want your nose hair to get so long that it is protruding from your nostrils. Have you seen guys who have an incredibly bushy mustache?

Take a closer look, I’m willing to bet a paycheck that a lot of the hair on their upper lip is coming out of their nose.

Make sure that you blow your nose and remove any green goblins that you have trapped in there before you work on manscaping your nose hair.

Here are some ways to clean up your nostrils:

  1. If you enjoy pain, you can use wax to rip out the nose hair. I know that some women do this, and I don’t know how they can stand it. First off, you want some of your nose hair to capture boogers. Second, it hurts like a mother!
  2. You can tweeze the mega long ones and just leave the rest alone. If they aren’t sticking out of your nose, then let them be.
  3. I prefer trimming them with the nose hair trimmer. This is the easiest way to get them all to be the same length and it doesn’t hurt at all! I recommend holding your breath while you do it, so you don’t inhale your hair. When you’re finished just blow your nose to clean it out.


I’m not going to pick on old men for this one, because I’ve seen plenty of dudes who have these out-of-control caterpillars sitting on their foreheads.


Then you have the guys that think it’s cool to sport the unibrow. Here’s some news for those guys. It looks ridiculous and nobody thinks that’s attractive. Ok, maybe your mom does, but chances are she has a unibrow too.

Taming those soon to be butterflies is pretty simple.

  1. Let your stylist trim them when you go in for your haircut. Ask them to trim them for you. And if they offer to trim them, don’t turn them down. Just let them do it. Obviously, they are out of control and your stylist is doing you a freaking favor.
  2. Buy yourself a pair of scissors and trim the longest ones so that they are all the same length. If you have some stragglers that won’t lay down, you’ll have to get out the tweezers and yank those out of your head. Don’t be a pantywaist, it only hurts for a hot second.
  3. Wax/Cut Combo. If you have some out of freaking control hair, the best way to take care of these beasts is to wax them out of your head. Now, this is where you need to be careful. You don’t want to take too much off because you can’t put it back on.

Eyebrows are a funny thing. If you have too much hair people notice and say, “ew gross”.

When you have too little hair or jack them up in any way, people stare and laugh hysterically. If you plan on waxing them yourself, use the side of your index finger to measure how much to take off. But if you have a unibrow, take a wax strip and place it in the center and rip it off to disconnect it, then use the index finger method to figure out how much more to take off.

Now if you take too much off, don’t blame me. I’m just here to offer some initial guidance. It really would be best to have someone do it for you. And honestly, I’ve taken too much off of mine before and I was self-conscience for a few weeks; probably from all the stares I got.

Toe Hair & Nails

There is nothing grosser to look at than a dude’s feet.

The last thing guys think about is getting a pedicure or trimming that long-ass toe hair.

Yeah, so in the winter it might not matter much. But once you are ready for the pool or the beach and the socks come off, you better have that toe hair and toenails under control.

If you can twist your toe hair into dreads, then it’s too long and you need to trim it. Some guys just shave it off, which is fine, but having a little won’t look bad as long as it’s under control.

As for your toenails, use a toenail clipper and cut straight across, and then file down the sides so they aren’t sharp. Your partner will really appreciate this tip, especially when you get into bed with them. Also, don’t leave your freaking toenail clippings on the floor for people to step on. Nobody wants one of your sharp-ass toenails getting stuck in their foot. Plus, they’re gross. I didn’t even want to include a picture.

Wrapping Up

You now have some further insight into what is needed to compliment your manscaping routine. Once you fine-tune your face and toes, you will be on your way to look impeccable. Everyone will want you and you’ll feel pretty damn good about yourself.

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