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Wicked Pumpkin Deodorant

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    wicked pumpkin deodorant dapper yankee
    wicked pumpkin deodorant dapper yankee

    Product Details

    Wicked Pumpkin Natural Deodorant - Limited Edition

    Aluminum Free | Baking Soda Free | Whole-Body Deodorant

    Wicked Pumpkin natural deodorant has the amazingly addictive scent of pumpkin spice and smooth bourbon that will help neutralize the toughest body odor to keep you feeling confident and fresh.  This deodorant is safe to use anywhere on your body to keep odor away!

    Our natural formula is safe to use anywhere on your body to keep odor away.


    • A smooth combination of pumpkin spice and bourbon


    • Eliminates the bad bacteria that cause body odor
    • Aluminum-Free and Paraben-Free
    • Baking Soda-Free and Alcohol-Free
    • Skin nourishing natural formula that’s fast-absorbing and designed to not cause irritation
    • Contains powerful all-natural non-nano Zinc Oxide and Lactobacillus Probiotics
    • Handcrafted in small batches
    • Cruelty-free and vegan – Our deodorants are not tested on animals or Sasquatches, but work great on the hairiest pits
    • Using deodorant will increase your chances of attracting a mate
    • Natural deodorant will not prevent you from sweating, but the infused arrowroot powder will help to absorb some moisture in your pits
    • Proudly made in the USA

    Size and Use:

    • 2.65 oz. | 75 g
    • We recommend about 2-3 swipes per pit, but you do what’s best for you.
    • Deodorant will last about 2-3 months of daily use.

    If you’re new to natural deodorant, please visit our Natural Deodorant Detox Guide before use.

    Ingredients: Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Zinc Oxide, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Arrow Root Powder, Sunflower Seed Wax, Cocoa Butter, Zinc Ricinoleate, Lactobacillus Ferment, Fragrance, Tocopherol

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Andy Bell
    My Favorite

    This deodorant along with the matching soap and lotion are my favorites so far out of the products I have tried from Dapper Yankee.
    I be gotten a few compliments on how good Wicked Pumpkin smells
    On me.


    i gotta say it: better than sudsy bears pumpkin deodorant. theres a nuttiness to this one that amplifies the pumpkin pie scent. a+

    Bruce Bowman
    Pumpkin Deodorant

    Smell so good I will order more

    Kevin Barnes
    Good scent

    Definitely liked the smell of this deodorant. Goes well with a lot of different soaps that I have. One issue was in how it applies to the body. Not the smoothest application.

    Beer Me
    Wicked Pumpkin Deodorant

    Wicked pumpkin deodorant smells amazing. I’m picking up a slight vanilla/ pumpkin spice scent which is perfect for October-November. It seems to last throughout the day although I like to add a swipe or 2 before heading out in the evening. If I had one gripe, it would be on the application. Doesn’t go on very smooth but I can live with it.