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Tea tree mint liquid soap

I honestly have the tea treatment soap and it smells amazing. Smells very uplifting and refreshing so the hand soap is just as good gotta say that I really hope that one day we get a tea treatment lotion from dapper Yankee. It would be so awesome this smell profile is really wonderful so you can’t go on wrong with it

Lotta Colada
Erik Sosa
Lotta Colada

Smells great and make my skin feel great

Engine 9

Kind of a manly cologne scent. I dig it!


If you like the smell of the inside of a cigar humidor you’ll love this scent!

Hard to describe the scent but I like it a lot!

Nice sweet craft beer smell.


Cold snowy day! Smells great!

Christmas in a box!

Big Soap Saver
David Castaneda
Big soap saver

I'm very pleased with my big soap saver! The quality is great, holds three bars perfectly!... I highly recommend this product!

Wicked Pumpkin
Jacob Havens
Wicked pumpkin

By far my favorite smells amazing

hands down the best scented deodorant EVER. smells like the beat blue raspberry candy you could ever have, sweet & tart. love it!

Perfect for Winter!

This really is THE soap to have for the holiday season. The warm, spicy scent reminds me of drinking apple cider while baking with my family. Just when I thought DY couldn't get better!

Just like the other RBB DY products! Has a pleasant vanilla smell but of course leaves you with a root beer scent just like the barrel candies it's named after

New Castle

Personally, I think the entire new castle lineup is next to none. Absolutely nothing could compare to the amazing scent this bar/deo gives me!! Masculinity in its finest :)

Game Day

Gameday is an absolute no Brainer!
Simply top of the line scent and the soap has an amazing grit that leaves you feeling clean and ready to tackle anything

Has quickly become one of my top 3 deos, The most unique scent but in such a good and balanced way!

As every other DY conditioner bars do, It leaves my hair silky smooth and soft as a babies a$$ 😆
Smells just like the rest of the blueberry lineup which is AHMAZING

Best lotion I've ever had in my life!! Smells even better than the GameDay soap and that's top tier level🤙

William Goodlow
Soap king

You guys have some good soap

One of the best smelling soaps on the market

Great smell. It's really does smell like Christmas. 1 bar smells strongly like apple cinnamon the other 2 seem to have more of the woodsy orange scent. They really are amazing scents. Probably my favorite so far

This bar is magical!!! The smell is so nostalgic, and incredible!! Don't sleep on this amazing bar!!! It doesn't disappoint in the shower or to the noise!!!

Perfect for keeping your soap safe and ready for your next shower!!

Fresh Coast

Reminds me of the traditional Coast deodorant soap years ago.


Fresh refreshing scent after using in the shower.

Nice smell